May. 7th, 2010 05:48 pm
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There's a very entertaining article about Supernatural here in which Jensen calls Misha a wimp.  I found the article via [ profile] ontd_spnparty  which is a hilarious comm - everyone should be following and contributing cracky manips and other forms of spazzing. 

I found the latest ep of the show to be so-so, but that won't keep me from watching it again pretty soon here ... the boys and Misha are SO VERY pretty. Yes, they are.

My sweet, innocent, beautiful, cell-phone-talking-while-she-drives-20-year-old totalled her truck last night. Thank God she's okay and so is the other driver, but I saw pics of the damage to my girl's truck and it's VERY scary.  If she weren't in another state I'd be clinging to her right now.  Anyhow, like so many of us who have crashed cars in our youth, this is a learning experience for her - a painful one.  Sigh.  What's a mom to do? 

Have I pimped out our original fiction comm here lately?  I don't believe I have!  Please check out [ profile] xcpublishing . [ profile] dysonrules prettied up the comm with a beautiful header and everything!  I'm in the process of recording a podfic of my novel Necropolis, and our novel The Gauntlet Thrown is available in regular old print for free. 

I have two new cockatiel babies that are little white fuzzballs.  They are so precious!  Hopefully they'll live ... so many of the babies die that it's quite sad. Birds are very fragile, I've discovered.
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So I appear to be writing again.  Every night.  Weeeeee!  It feels really good.  The genesis of this was my attendance at a Dahn Yoga center near my house.  It's different than any yoga I've heard of - kind of a Korean version of yoga including reiki and martial arts and Tai Chi and other assorted bizzareness - but it makes me feel really good, even if it is really expensive.  Anyhow, they told me that I have depression because I have "too much energy" in my head and that I spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing.  That rang uncomfortably true to me, so I decided to stop thinking so much about my writing, at least when it comes to comment_fics and just DO it.  So below are links to me just having fun with my writing.  I won't be posting these little snippets to my LJ, but I will post links to them here if anyone is interested.  They're archived over at the Pit, here:

Alec, working undercover

Max/Alec, learning to trust

Max/Alec, kiss it and make it better

Also, less than a month before Supernatural premieres!!! OMG how did that happen? 


Jan. 17th, 2009 09:18 pm
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From time to time I see posts on LJ in which people talk about defriending and amnesty from defriending and whatnot. The fact that I have not made a proper LJ etiquette post about friending/defriending has been weighing heavily on my mind. So here's my take on that:

I love friends and have made a lot of great ones on LJ. I enjoy having friends that agree with me and those that don't - differences are what makes the world go around, right? As long as you're respectful, reasonable, and not a dipshit we can be friends FOREVAR.

That being said, if you're out there fretting about how much you hate seeing my podfic posts or stupid cat piccie posts popping up on your friends page, then by all means defriend me. Chances are if you never comment to my stuff I don't know who you are anyhow. If you DO comment and I DO know who you are and you defriend me, I reserve the right to hunt you down and kill you. Here is my army:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

After they catch up to you and eat your brains, they will do this dance on your decaying corpse:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

For my new friends - welcome to my lair humble abode. I love Supernatural and Dark Angel and gorgeous men and animals and life in general. Zombies are pretty cool, too.
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I've been reduced to trolling the Pit ( for Dark Angel fics. 

It is a scary, scary place, my friends.  But I have girded my loins and waded into battle.

Who the hell ever thought up SONGFIC??? It's completely and utterly WRETCHED!!!  Also, my favorite of the many atrocities I have encountered at the Pit:

Dear 14 year old girl who has apparently just written your first fanfic ever:  There is no such term as atom's apple.  It's Adam's apple.  Please to be investing in a dictionary.  Then peruse it upon occasion.  K?

Also, I feel dirty because for some reason everyone over at [ profile] spnstoryfinders was looking for Sam and angels ficcies tonight so of course I pimped the HELL out of my fics Day of the Dead and The Watchman, which were both written before Season 4.  I am, of course, hoping for some gushing reviews about how wonderful they are.  Because it's been the kind of day in which I just might have thrown myself in front of a mac truck, if for some reason one had been barreling down my quiet suburban street. 

I'm better now.  Really.  I only twitch and spontaneously scream out "atom's apple" every two hours or so instead of every fifteen minutes.

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I don't have any damn air conditioning and today is going to be something like 105 degrees so I'm going to spend the afternoon in a nice cool movie theatre perving on that brown-haired hottie in Prince Caspian. 

Also, I just read this yummy threesome that did NOT cool me down:  Over Yonder In A Minor Key by [profile] annalazarus.  Most threesomes just have the boys falling into bed with some random chick, which bugs me since I want more buildup and okay, more realism, than that.  Anyhow, the summary totally hooked me into this one:  Sam and Dean lay low in Montana. Sam gets a girl. Dean gets a fryolater. The walls are thin and the power goes out a lot.  It's rated NC-17 and has some Wincesty action going on for those of you not into that. 
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Oh, man, my trip was AWESOME.  The Eastern Sierras in CA are lovely - high chaparral, very sparsely populated, wide open and empty.  My kinda place.  Being on horseback for 4 days was nowhere near as physically grueling as I expected it to be, although we were both a little sore in the pants.  LOL.  The weather was wild - snow, rain, and hail EVERY day.  But as corny as it sounds, it was more of an adventure that way.  We never did end up finding any wild mustangs - they fled the storm in the opposite direction - but we did find their tracks and manure piles and as strange as it sounds Bran and I didn't really care.  It was just so amazing to be out in that country on horseback the whole time. 

In camp, we had someone to cook and clean for us, and lend Bran his $700 high altitude jacket when she was freezing.  We found obsidian arrowheads, saw cougar tracks, a snake, and one measly little mule deer.  I don't have all my pics back yet, but here are a few behind the cut.  I didn't include one of myself because all the ones I have make me look like a scary Russian peasant woman, complete with horrid babushka.  Bran and I look a lot alike, with the caveat that I'm older, fatter, and not as pretty.  :-)

In other news, I'm off work for another week because of my health "issue", which would be great if #1 I felt better and #2 I was actually getting paid for the time off.  Oh well, such is life.  Still, I am grateful to be able to enjoy my home, various critters, and my INTERNET CONNECTION in the meantime.   And since the [community profile] amplificathon ends on Monday, I'll be able to record a few more!  Because, you know, the world can never have enough of my blatherings ...

Last but not least, clicky here for a FREE album by Empires.  It rocks.  :-)
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So, you may be wondering ...WTF is up with this twasadark broad?  Does she even HAVE a life or does she spend 23 hours a day recording podfics???  The short answer:  That's correct.  LOL.  The long answer is that I love love love listening to podfics so I figure that by recording them I have a bunch to listen to myself and hopefully will spread the gospel of podfics and inspire others to try their hands at them as well.  I genuinely LIKE doing them, as well.  And I'm getting quite a bit faster at them these days.

Then there is the other reason that I do so many of them, and spend so much time on fandom in general.  It basically keeps me sane.  RL has its share of issues for me and losing myself in fiction and TV has always been one of my main methods of dealing with all the trauma. Plus, my daughter is all grown up and at college now so I have a lot more time.  Time that probably should be spent cleaning the house.  But hey?  That's not nearly as rewarding!! 

I do have other interests.  I have a hubby, 2 dogs who I love to take out on hikes, and a continuous yearning for travel.  In fact, one of the reasons I've been recording so much lately is that Bran and I (daughter) are going on what I hope to be an AMAZING trip this weekend.  Four days near Bishop, CA where we'll be on horseback following wild mustangs and camping out.  I love to camp, and the opportunity to see mustangs in the wild??  We're both in heaven.  Although we'll probably be as sore as hell. 

And now ... two more Sarah Connor Chronicles podfics

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This is likely to piss off some of you on the flist (sorry, but I gotta be me!), but I agree with this about the whole misogyny broo-haha going on right now.  Although I would have left the whole STFU out of it had I written it.  I could go on and on about the pendulum of social change swinging too far one way and then too far the other, but instead, how about if we talk about ....

SCRABBLE!  Yes, I am a geek who loves this game.  It might possibly have to do with the fact that I'm an editor in RL.  Anyhoo - a friend introduced me to a great website where you can play via email.  You get an email notification when the other player has entered a word, click on the link and you make your move.  So you don't have to play in real time, but whenever you have the time.  Anyone???
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Okay, I usually DON'T post this much.  Really, I don't.  It's just that I'm off work for a couple of weeks and what could be better than sitting in front of the 'puter fiddling around? 

First, I'm so jazzed!  Ever since I got my ZUNE 80 gb, which I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in love with and would have babies with except for the fact that ... yeah, not going there--ever since I got it I have been downloading songs and podfics and listening listening listening.  I just found THIS site which has a gazillion free songs that actually aren't stolen.  Some of them are by big named artists and you can listen online or download the mp3 to your puter or  pod with a minimum of  fuss.  Weeeeeeee.

Second, I can fit in my skinny shorts.  Nuff said.

Third, my 18 year old just got an AMAZING job in Arizona, where she's been living with Gramma and going to school.  It pays $32K (great for an admin clerk, and decent money for AZ), and offers tuition reimbursement, even.  And did I mention that she's only 18????

Fourth, I wrote a 100 word fic here.  Readee readee??

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE TONIGHT.  I fully expect to be online yowling in agony the instant it is over. 
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... or something like that.  So, I'm supposed to be kicking my own butt into working on my book proposal.  Am I actually doing that?  No, I'm doing something VASTLY more important.  Blathering.  So, here goes ...

Google is my LOVE.  Why, you may ask?  Because, I've been thinking about what song to put on the podfic for my story Day of the Dead
which has a Southwestern, Hispanic feel to it, mainly because it's set in my hometown of Globe, AZ.  Globe is rather underwhelming, but it does have DAMN good Mexican food.  It also happens to have my daughter and various other family members in it. 


I remembered a song that I liked by a local band that a friend was sure would hit it big.  Well, they never did, but they did get some airplay for their song, which had a decidedly Latino sound to it.  This was back in the 90's.  Perfect song for this podfic.  One small problem.  I didn't know the name of the band nor the name of the song.  I did remember that the friend who loved them used to listen to lots of bands at a local joint called Long Wong's (torn down a few years ago). So I googled "Arizona bands 90's alternative rock Long Wong's", and I FOUND IT!!!!  Then I previewed their songs on Amazon and FOUND the song that existed only in the dim recesses of my memory.  Of course I immediately bought the mp3 album and have been playing it.  So, the point of all this?  What, you expected there to be one??  Oh, yeah:

The Internet              =            WIN

Since I actually remember a time before the personal computer and the Internet.

The band is the Pistoleros who put out a couple of albums and then changed their name.  Here's the song I'm obsessed with:  My Guardian Angel.  They sound a lot like the Gin Blossoms, which was another Arizona band, btw.

And also, I drool when I see my Cassie/Dean kissing icon.  Yes, I am one of the three fangirls who actually LIKED Cassie and Dean. 

Okay, so now I need to get back to Neolithic graveyards.  I'll blather about Ironman tomorrow, since it has provoked me to DEEP THINKING. 
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So, even tho we spend our entire workday IM'ing each other; even tho we've written several scripts together AND run a frickin' company together, [personal profile] dysonrules and I haven't seen each other face-to-face in TEN FREAKING YEARS.  But this year is the year!!!  She's coming down to LA for ComicCon!!! Yay!!!!  I'm a wee bit excited.

I'm also really hoping that the Supernatural boys will be there like last year!!!  Because .... GUH.  Either way, I'll probably buy my membership this weekend and book a hotel room.

Anyone else thinking of going?  I met a lot of great LJ'rs last year - would love to meet some more this year!
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Okay, so I'm supposed to be working on the script that [personal profile] dysonrules and I are laboring through.  Instead, I'm procrastinating by cleaning my desk, ripping cds to my Zune, stuffing my face with popcorn, just, basically, anything other than working .... Anyhoo, during my desk-cleaning frenzy, I came across a fic that I just had to rec.

the bering strait by [personal profile] moveablehistory. Wincest, R.  Summary: Apparently, a drop of ten degrees celsius in average temperature is really catastrophic. The author says that this was written for [profile] vitamin_fic and [profile] spn_apocasmut.  It's a gorgeous, vividly detailed, intimate fic. It's only 1000 words, so you can read it quickly.  I think you'll find it impossible to do anything but savor it as you read ... but then again, I am addicted to Arctic survival stories, so bear that in mind. 

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I'm off to Moab, UT tomorrow for almost a week BY MYSELF.  I cannot wait, but my husband is not quite as thrilled as I am.  I plan on hiking and taking pictures and writing writing writing.  On my last retreat I wrote a pretty dark fic, but who knows what will come out of this one?
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Okay, there are TWO freakish happenings I am reporting with this post. 

  1. I am MAKING a post that isn't a rec or a story.  I know, I know.  I nearly hyperventilated in horror when I realized what I was about to do.
  2. I have actually wrenched myself away from Supernatural watching, Supernatural fanfic reading, Supernatural fanfic writing, and Supernatural fanfic recording long enough to watch another show - The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Okay, I mainly did this because [personal profile] dysonrules and I are planning on writing some more spec tv scripts and this is a candidate.  But anyhow.  It's a pretty good show.  Not good enough to earn my everlasting devotion like Supernatural, but good enough to DVR and watch when I can zoom through the commercials ... Anyone else into this show?


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