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Well, we're back from Florida and ready to resume regular life ... oh, yay.  Can you sense my enthusiasm?  I just want to be on vacation FOREVER!!!! Is that so much to ask?  Apparently so.  For those who are interested I'll post about my vacation soon.  :-)

But now ... TV shows!

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Fringe finale spoilers )

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I haven't bothered naming most of my 21 birds because, frankly, I may have to sell a bunch of them; plus I can't quite tell a lot of the cockatiels apart, lol.  But, I'm in love with my canaries and have decided to name them.  I named the girl Moe after the Three Stooges character because she has this charming little mop of hair atop her little birdie head.  And I've decided to name the boy ZED after my darling [profile] zed_pm in honor of a generous gift she sent me and because it just seems to fit him. *BIG HUGS TO MY CHRISSY*

Piccy time!!!

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Okay, now for some TV stuff!! 

Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to kick ass and take names. I LOVE this show. It's so multilayered and thought-provoking - verging on confusing at times.  But with the exception of that episode where Charlie's wife bit the big one, I've really enjoyed each episode this season.  I especially like the care taken with the characters (and Derek's hot tattooed bod).  The plot and flashy action scenes compliment the characters, not the other way around, which is how it should be in my ever-so-humble opinion.  Anybody want the mp3 of the Sampson and Delilah song that played in the season opener?  Here, have it. :-)

Who's watching Merlin?  I'm really enjoying it.  The latest episode - #12 - was my favorite.  Without giving anything away in case you haven't seen it, it's focused on Morgana.  I think Morgana is my favorite character.  Arthur is okay, too.  But everyone else is rather ... one dimensional.  Even Merlin.  Anyhow, I love that Morgana seems to be flirting with darkness ... I can upload these in Ipod (m4a) format if anyone wants me to.  Just let me know. What I really like about the show is the way that it takes the same old myths we've seen a gajillion times and twists them just enough to make them fresh and interesting. 

Also, I watched the first two episodes of Leverage.  I loved the pilot.  It was smart and fun and I found myself liking all the characters (and REALLY liking Christian Kane's character) with the possible exception of Timothy Hutton, who is okay but rather droll, I suppose.  Anyhow, I found episode 2 to be rather, um, how shall I say this nicely?  Dumb.  My hubby watched it with me (he hadn't seen the pilot) and echoed my opinion although the terms he used to describe it were something along the lines of "wretched and stupid."  Anyhow, I'm definitely going to watch more of it, not in the least because next episode is supposed to focus on delicious Mr. Kane's character.

Apparently, the slashtastic Crusoe has been cancelled, although there are still six new episodes yet to air.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  Hopefully we'll see more of Philip Winchester.  He's quite yummy.

After episode 3 of Fringe, I declared it too stupid to bear, but I've started watching it again.  I watch it at the gym on my Zune, and find that while the gore sometimes causes me to make horrified faces, I nevertheless enjoy it enough to do 48 minutes on the elliptical machine with it as diversion.  I also have most of these in iPod format if anyone wants me to upload them.

I've still got sadiane's recommended episodes of Due South on the Zune, waiting to be watched, and a bunch of episodes of the UK Life on Mars.  I've watched the first 3 eps of Life on Mars.  It's okay, but I sometimes find it hard to understand due to the accents, I suppose. 

I haven't watched this much TV in years.  It's fun!! :-)

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Oh, my friends, it has been a long long time since I have found any cat piccies that live up to the impeccable standards of my journal.  Tonight, I have found a suitable addition, however.

Also, if you are a podfic lover allow me to smash my keyboard fioeweioreuiowrekdmdsfioewenjioekdf thusly over [personal profile] dodificus's MAGNIFICENT recording (with music and sound effects!!!!) of [personal profile] hansbekhart's opus The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree.  Nearly three and a half hours of goodness, light, and porn.  In mp3 and m4b.  :-)

Oh, and I managed to watch the first eppy of The Fringe which was clever and enjoyable if not somewhat contrived and unrealistic.  I only say this last thing because whenever I see government employees running around being efficient I am instantly skeptical.  Which would have absolutely nothing to do with the years I spent as a government employee myself.  Nothing at all, I assure you. Oh, yeah, and I really like Joshua Jackson.
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So, "Fringe" was big news at ComicCon, but we never did get in to see the trailer. Yay for YouTube!! It looks pretty cool. And I dig Joshua Jackson. Although they TOTALLY should have picked a hottie like Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the dad. IMHO. :-)


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