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Oh, the angst. The sweet, sweet angst. With bonus h/c and an epic post-apocalyptic storyline? What could be better? A PODFIC of such a story - that could be better! With great delight, I am pleased to rec ....

Thursday's Child by [ profile] strangeandcharm , read by [ profile] alchemynerd - 12+ hours of hurty goodness! Yes, you read that right - 12+ hours! The story is Dean/Castiel, an AU in which Dean managed to kill Lucifer when he was in Sam's body. I've actually read the story twice before - so enjoyable!  [ profile] alchemynerd 's voice is very pleasant. The recording is clear, as is the reader's diction, and her pacing is careful without being plodding. 

The Eagle

I actually hadn't heard of The Eagle before my dear [ profile] ariadnes_string  posted a lovely little piece of slashy h/c - The Place You Are - some time ago (highly recommended!), but as soon as I saw that it was - 1. historical, 2. Roman, and 3. filled with fine looking men, I was ALL OVER IT. [ profile] jaxie12  has done several excellent podfics in this fandom (here). And also, one of my favorite readers produced this enjoyable piece:

Suffer, Spasm, Strain by [ profile] onelittlesleep , read by dodificus. dodificus has a lovely accent and unhurried pacing. She doesn't do near enough podfics, I'm afraid! This particular story is so compelling and unusual - and it clocks in at only around 15 minutes. 
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Deguello by [ profile] oselle , read by [ profile] riverbella . A bittersweet, vividly described story set pre-series, and largely John-focused, but featuring the boys as well.  If you're into well-rounded characterization and Hurt!Dean you'll really enjoy this piece.  The whole thing is so smoothly read and lovingly voiced that it's a real pleasure.  I love how [ profile] riverbella  takes her time reading the narrative, something which many readers hurry along.  A plus work all around!

Gloria by [ profile] unoshot , read by [ profile] crinklysolution .  A trilogy of oneshots, interrelated. This is a podbook compilation of the stories In Excelsis, The Mountains in Reply, and Angels We Have Heard.  A clearly read, beautifully paced story with sound effects!  The stories themselves are unique looks at the characters Dean, Sam, and Castiel, and the narration here only enhances the story.  Beautiful work!
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It's been a while since I've done a recs post, but these were too good to let slide. Please remember to leave feedback for the podfic readers - they need the encouragement to keep bringing us these awesome ficcies!

In the Army Now by [ profile] cfriskney , read by [ profile] yasmine32068 (J2) - A funny, totally enjoyable story. Loved the music choices and intonations that yasmine used in reading this story. Be aware that this is currently a WIP but I have it on reliable authority that the entire thing will be posted very very soon.

But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This by [info]thenyxie, read by [info]juice817 (J2) - An amazingly hot story read perfectly by juice817. Honestly, I really should be reccing everything she does because she’s so amazing. This has been posted in parts, but the sixth part is now up. Yay!! All that's left for the story is the epilogue and the followups. There is at least six hours of recorded story here so far though - plenty to keep you busy for a while.

The Ten Commandments Don't Apply to Angels by [info]copperbadge, read by [info]sadcypress (Dean/Castiel) - Pausing and reading slowly enough to really get the impact of the words is a bit of an art form, one that sadcypress does amazingly well in this piece.

One Going On Eternity And Counting by [info]leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) - meansprite has an amazing voice that sounds professional. I really love how she really took her time with this reading. So many readers go so fast that the nuances of the story are missed, but she really set a great pace.

Spilt Milk by [info]sparky77, read by [info]crinklysolution (Dean/Castiel) - Sweet story read nicely by crinklysolution.

And if you didn’t know that [profile] candle_beck has been podficcing her stories (Sam/Dean), run over to her LJ and check them out. Such lovely, heartfelt pieces read with perfect pacing and inflection.
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Title: Aural
Author: [personal profile] lazy_daze 
Reader: [ profile] juice817 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Download at juice's comm HERE

Okay, this?  ABSOLUTELY HAWT LIKE SIZZLING HAMBURGER ON THE GRILL HOT!  GUH.  Incredibly sexy and read so smoothly.  I've never really been into phone sex because ... well, I don't know.  It's just not something I've ever really thought about .  But this?  TOTALLY makes me think about it.  Just make sure there's someone around whose bones you can jump when you listen, because take my word for it: you'll definitely be wanting some action after this. 

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Several of you were so thrilled that I posted a het podfic last time that I just had to let you know about the wonderful I listened to today.  First, a couple of shockers:  The fandom is James Bond, and the pairing is Bond/M.  I am NOT particularly fond of the Bond movies, unlike other family members.  They seem all the same to me, plus Bond is a little too smooth for my tastes.  But I decided to give it a shot since the story is by [ profile] astolat .  She's one of my absolute favorite authors, but I've only ever read her slash, which is alternately hilarious and hot and touching. I was a big leary about the pairing as well because Judi Dench is fine but imagining her getting it on with someone?  Um.  Not my favorite passtime.  Anyhow, I needn't have been worried.  It's such a wonderful story and yes there's sex but it's not explicit.  It's beautifully read by FayJay, who has a lovely British accent.  There's even music before and after the story that is mixed in quite skillfully.  In short, GO LISTEN. 

Queen of Spades by [ profile] astolat , read by FayJay
Excerpt: “"If you're trying to seduce me, you're doing a damned poor job of it," she said. "If you're trying to impress me, all the worse." Then she'd packed him off to Kyrgyzstan.

FayJay just posted a bunch of podfic over at [ profile] audiofic if you haven't seen them, in a variety of fandoms including Supernatural, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pushing Daisies, Slings and Arrows, Jeeves & Wooster, and Doctor Who.  I imagine that they will all be excellently done. 

PS - I changed my header AGAIN, because I just couldn't resist this Dean shot by [ profile] raloria .  GUH.

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First of all, I really don't like war stories, and I'm not much of a J2 devotee, but every now and again I am completely blown away by a J2 story and I have to flail about it like some sort of demented version of that robot in the old Lost in Space series.  This is that flail:

South China Sea by [ profile] tabaqui , read by [ profile] juice817 is absolutely incredible. It's about love and blood and sex and war, in all its vivid, gory, heartbreaking glory.  [ profile] tabaqui is one of the most amazingly descriptive writers I've read and she's really at her peak in this piece.   [ profile] juice817 does her usual awesome job of reading it - her voice is so warm and pleasant, speeding up during the tense parts, slowing down during the laidback moments. 

Go listen - or read - this story. You won't be sorry.  

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Okay, here's the promised post with my everything-but-Max/Alec Dark Angel fic recs. Want Max/Alec recs? They're over here. I will add to this post as time goes on and I find more wonderful reads/vids/etc.


Work in Progress by [ profile] moonshayde (Gen, PG) Summary: A life threatening incident allows Joshua to see Alec's true colors. Written to my prompt: "A little Hurt!Alec drabble that includes Joshua." This is obviously longer than a drabble… Sweet hurt/comfort fic.

Got Your Back by J.B. Burge (Gen, Teen) Alec and Cindy friendship. Sweet and well written.

Dirty Job by [ profile] diurnal_lee  (Gen, Teen) Summary: Logan catches Alec doing something unexpected. Short, sweet, and clever. Awww, Alec!!

Under Wicked Sky by [ profile] abendstern1601 (Gen, Somewhere between PG13 and NC17 I think, not that there is anything really explicit) Summary: Ben's been praying for the same thing for the last ten years. This night, the Lady will answer his prayers. Great gen Ben and Alec fic with loads of Hurt!Alec. Four parts of YUM.

Big Love by CarrieICL (Gen, unrated) Awww! Sweet story about Joshua's love for his friends. Has a hint or two of M/A in here as well.

Manticore Moments by xrho (Gen, PG-13) Alec has seizures; Max and OC help.

Sifting by Northlight (Gen, PG-13) Very short - features Mia and Alec. A chilling, well written piece. Coda to Fuhgeddaboutit.

Blind Side
by Northlight (Gen, PG-13) Short, but well written and compelling story. Gen. 

Down There I Made My Name
by [ profile] delphinapterus (Mature; Warnings: implied prostitution, dub-con, drug use, murder; implied past Alec/OMC) Short, compelling Alec character study.

Flying by CarrieICL (Gen?, unrated) Intense and touching. Max is traumatized and Alec tries to make everything better.

Sound is Deep In the Dark
by [ profile] bloodnfire - Gen; Mature - Written for the jam_pony_fic mini ficathon for the prompt: A mission gone wrong leaves Alec wounded and Max has to face the possibility of losing him.  Wonderful piece - harsh and vivid.

Flower Child by amandak (Gen, unrated) - Cute story about out-of-control Alec. Features Joshua and Max.

One Sheriff at the Time
by amandak (Gen, unrated) - Solid action fic featuring Alec.

Wake Up Call by  [ profile] elishavah (Gen, unrated) Alec, Max, OC - about friendship and trust. Very enjoyable.

Glitch by  [ profile] minkmix (Gen, PG) Summary: Despite the lengths which he painstakingly took to explain the details, a girl would think the gist of his master plan would be crystal by the time he was through. That never seemed to be the case. Sweet story with a vulnerable Alec and a helpful Cindy.

Check by  [ profile] minkmix (Gen, PG) Summary: An evening in at the Cale residence. Cute and rather quirky, I like how it demonstrates the differences between X-5's and Ordinaries so perfectly.


...Because You're Unforgiven Too by [ profile] abendstern1601 (Ben/Alec, NC-17), set after the wonderful gen fic Under Wicked Sky  Tender and loving and HOT. YUMMY.

A Pretty Good Fit
by [ profile] hunters_retreat (Alec/Logan, R) Summary:  Alec and Logan make a bet and in the end, all the pieces come together. Surprisingly sweet and tender.

Until Next Time... by [ profile] domina_malfoy  (Alec/Ames, PG-13) Summary: “I made the choice to help you. It would only be fair for you to help me in return.”  Oooh. Clever little bit!

Mistletoe Kiss by [ profile] ladyyueh (Alec/Logan, PG-13) Prompt: #17: Logan kisses Alec under the mistletoe as a joke and find himself affected more deeply than he'd intended. Sweet kissing fic.

Incinerate by [ profile] amory_vain  (Alec/Ames, unrated) Non-con, masturbation. Sort of a follow-up to Created in Image. Short, dark, delicious little bit of evil Ames and helplessly turned on Alec.

Chimera by [ profile] jaguarcaine . Ames/Alec; (not rated, but definitely NC-17 material) The pairing totally threw me - I DESPISE Ames. He's no boy scout in this story, but it works. This piece is completely amazing--it's well-written, humorous, angsty, passionate, full of desperate sex, babies, and love. 16 parts. Includes gratuitous Hurt!Alec. Bitchy!Max has a minor role.

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men by [ profile] alyse (Alec/Logan; R) Alec/Logan isn't something that I thought I'd enjoy, but once again my prejudices have been overridden by excellent writing. [ profile] alyse takes her time with description, detail and nuance, making the climax (pun intended) perfectly satisfying. The h/c is tender and touching without being overwrought. Hurt!Alec. Summary: Logan had grown used to the quiet in the evenings, but that was before he took a sharp left into Surrealsville, population two. Nice long read (17,000 words)

And in the Winter's Bitter Chill by [ profile] alyse (Alec/Logan, mostly gen; PG-13) Summary: Winter's come early this year. Logan tries not to read too much into that. Sort of an Alec character study, including the piano, from Logan's surprisingly non-annoying/wimpy POV.

The One With The Alleyfucking by [ profile] veronamay (Logan/Alec, R) Summary: Set immediately after the pool game in 'Borrowed Time'. Max left in a cloud of angst; Logan and Alec, presumably, did not. Enter PWP! GUH! Totally hot, and a little bittersweet. More than just a PWP.

A Perfect Mirror by [ profile] backinblack (Ben/Alec, NC-17) Clever, funny, and hot. Love the pairing, and the Alec-voice. Short, but very enjoyable.

Standing The Heat by [ profile] veronamay (NC-17; Alec/Logan). Summary: He notices when Max disappears for a couple of days and comes back looking hollow-eyed and haunted, of course he does, but he never figured it'd happen to him. Incredibly hot and just beautifully, perfectly written. Alec is desperate and Logan can't resist.

Happy Hour by [ profile] minkmix (NC-17 - Edge of Consent; OMC/Alec) Summary: Alec is overheated in an upscale bathroom with some guy down his pants. There's a new drug on the market that can put an X5 into heat... Hot and intense. Alec gets slipped a sex mickie.

Young by  [ profile] downfall35 (Alec/Logan, PG) Drabble fic that is sweet and romantic. Kissing fic.

Created in Image by [ profile] amory_vain   (Ames White/Alec, sort of. Implied past Alec/Others; unrated but includes references to torture, sexual tension).  Intriguing!

Dark Angel Prompt table fics by  [ profile] amory_vain  (Alec/Logan, unrated) All short and related to one another, well written and deliciously angsty. There are 10 up so far. Maybe if we leave lots of comments she'll write more of these soon?

Lessons Learned
by [ profile] mickeym (Alec/Biggs, PG-13) - Short and bittersweet. Touching.


Rage Against the Dying of the Light by[ profile] lyl_devil  (Alec/OC [implied], PG-15) Prompt: Dark Angel – Alec, heat . Summary: Alec’s having a really bad week, and he’s cursing Manticore‘s geneticists down to his very last base pair. Alec is molested and he doesn't like it. Interesting concept that's well-executed.

Summer by Death's Daughter (PG) Cute! Short fic in which Normal lusts over Alec.

I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me
by [ profile] mrsevilpigeon - Het (Max/Normal); R - Written for the jam_pony_fic mini ficathon.  The prompt was Normal gets too close to Max in heat.  Short and funny! Love Normal!

And Then There Was One by [ profile] mickeym (NC-17, Logan/Alec/Max) Short, hot, bittersweet. Threesome that's about more than just sex. Although the sex is pretty damn impressive. :-)

Triangulation by [ profile] ciaan  (NC-17, Max/Alec/Logan).  SCORCHING HOT, GUHLICIOUS threesome. Summary: Max and Logan can't touch each other, so Alec steps in. 4,400 words.

And lastly, what kind of self-promoter would I be if I didn't pimp my own fics? As of this posting I only have 7 DA fics (gen, het and slash - I'm equal opportunity!) but more are a comin'. You can read them all here.

Dark Angel/Supernatural Crossover


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Rachel Wilder (Gen, unrated) - A sweet Christmas fic.

Bill of Service by Sonya (Gen, unrated) - Loved the dynamics between Max and Alec in this gen story.

A Long Time Running by northlight (Gen, unrated) - Nice, well written little piece about family. Focuses on Max and Alec. Of course!

Passing Time by sullensiren  (Gen, unrated) - Alec reflects on life in this well written story. Very entertaining.

Fox 'Verse by [ profile] lori_leaf Author's Note: The time lines have been adjusted slightly. It is 2007, but Dean is 19, Sam is 15 and John's still around. The Manticore escapees ran away two years ago when they were eight. X5-494 (Alec) is now 10 years old. Sweet, endearing 'verse focusing on the interaction between all four Winchesters. Good for a smile.

Full of Grace by [ profile] almostinstinct (R) Summary: Plotbunny I got after seeing Pollo Loco. Dark Angel crossover. Future-fic for SPN, implied character death. Short but vivid and compelling. Ben carves a bar code on Dean's neck ...

Tom Sawyer Verse (PG-13) by [ profile] ladyjanelly Ben and Sam have a father/son relationship. Quiet and intense story.

Shadow by [ profile] nilchance (Rating: All ages) A/N: Mostly a brain-spill. Alec, Sam and Dean. Alec isn't the only one who watches.
The differences between Alec and Dean; killer last line.

Begotten by [ profile] nilchance (PG-13 for language) Summary: Alec gets lost, and then found. Sequel: Gingerbread (Adult) Summary: Alec gets in over his head. Complications is third in the series - Alec is wounded by a harpy and Sam and Dean care for him.

What Comes Around Verse
by [ profile] spastic_visions (Gen; PG-13) A series of five stories. Loved how bittersweet it felt, how Sam misses Dean so damn much. how Alec had his own issues, and they made him into a different character from what we saw on DA, a logical evolution. Loved how seamlessly the DA and SPN worlds blended together. And I loved that this was gen. I've read my share of Sam/Alec slash and although I like that, too, this was refreshingly different.

With a Bang 'Verse
by [ profile] minkmix (Gen; PG-R) Starts with the 15 chapter story "With a Bang," and continues with "Aftershocks" (16 chapters), Minor Tremor (8 chapters), Not a Whimper (10 chapters), Ripple Effect (12 chapters), and Incandesence (? chapters). I was a bit intimated by the sheer length of this verse, which kept me from reading it for a while. It shouldn't have, because the chapters are short, and the story is delightfully addictive. Sam is Alec's dad, and Dean is the ornery uncle. I love the entire tone of this series. Alec is cheerfully oblivious, and he fits in perfectly as the youngest Winchester. Sam is more serious and remote than we see him in canon, and Dean is wonderfully gruff. The series has a sort of happy-go-lucky feel to it, combined with generous portions of my true love, hurt/comfort. A definite must-read.

Mortal Wounds by [ profile] splashpink (Sam/Alec, R) Summary: Sometimes loving Alec hurts worse than losing Dean. A quick peek at a larger picture. This story could use a beta, but is still vivid and compelling.


And The Street Below (showered in broken glass) by [ profile] shopfront  (Alec/Logan, PG-13) Summary: When people get locked in, they go a little stir crazy. A complicated, well written piece.

Untitled Drabble by [ profile] fleshflutter  (Alec/Logan, unrated) DAMN. Angry and needy and YUM. Coda to Fuhgeddaboutit.

Blame it on the Scotch, or How Logan Cale Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Go For It by Lucy Gillam (Alec/Logan, unrated) Tightly plotted and well written piece. Love that Alec could rub off on Logan a little. Pun intended.

Nine Lives, Cat's Eyes by [ profile] veronamay (Sam/Alec, R) Summary: Futurefic. It's 2020; Sam's passing through Seattle when he meets someone he didn't expect. Clever and hot.

Well, it's been ten years and maybe more
by [ profile] almostinstinct . I love the beautiful language and vivid details in this character study.

(If I had a mom she'd say) Never Go Home With Strangers by [ profile] dollydolittle (NC-17, Sam/Alec) Smooth writing, a great Alec voice, and all around cleverness make this a great read.


I don't want to be just an other echo by aruna7 - Poignant Alec-centric vid.

I Like the Way You Move by [ profile] thandie - Kick ass in the BEST possible way. I've watched this vid time and time again and it never gets old! ETA - it looks like this vid is still available in .avi, but not on youtube.

One Jump Ahead by [info]backinblack made this funny, awesome Alec vid.

20th Century Boy by [ profile] crazywritinfool Summary: Transgenic Action Alec--he's your toy, your 20th century boy. Well, 21st century, but who's counting? All Alec, practically every frame. Beware! Your ovaries may explode from his gorgeousness.

Girlfriend by [ profile] bunniqula Summary: Alec thinks Logan needs a new girlfriend... as long as that 'girlfriend' is him. (Logan/Alec and Logan/Max) Gratuitous use of balls, sticks, Jensen Ackles' mouth and other phallic and sexual innuendo. A clever, upbeat slashy vid that made me smile.


Sound is Deep In the Dark by [ profile] bloodnfire ; read by [ profile] twasadark

today's tom sawyer (part one, part two) by [ profile] ladyjanelly ; read by [ profile] tsuki_no_bara

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I'm not really all that into RPS, but recently I've come across two fics that are really exceptional, in my ever-so-humble opinion.

First, I just finished listening to [profile] juice817  's recording of the CUTE CUTE CUTE, funny and clever MAN'S BEST FRIEND by [personal profile] belyste  . (NC-17) Summary: Jensen gets turned into a dog. Things...happen. It's available as both a podfic (mp3) and a podbook (m4b). 90 minutes of pure enjoyment!

I apologize in advance for the gratuitous use of capslock for this next rec but HOLY JESUS MOTHER OF MARY I THINK THIS IS THE HOTTEST FRICKING THING I'VE EVER READ!!!!!! And since joining fandom I've had the pleasure of reading some DAMN hot ficcies. BUT THEN MY HOMEWORK WAS NEVER QUITE LIKE THIS by [personal profile] thenyxie is unrelentingly HOT. 85,000 words of porntaculasity. I just can't even describe the level of hotness without spontaneously combusting right here, right now. And I know you wouldn't want that because then who would post bizarre goat cat pics for you? (NC-17, like WOAH) SUMMARY: AU. Jared’s eighteen and in his senior year at a private school in San Francisco. He’s coasting pretty on his parents generous school donations—until his seventh period Physics teacher gets replaced with the maddening, infuriating, gorgeous Mr. Ackles. Jared’s gotten by all his life on his money and his charm, but Mr. Ackles seems to think he needs some... lessons in self-control. The journey their relationship eventually takes them on turns out to be far more than either of them ever bargained for. Toppy!Teacher!Jensen in glasses and Student!Jared in private school uniform included!

Also, politics annoys the living hell out of me. I say this because hubby has been glued to the TV watching the Democratic National Convention this week, and next week he'll be watching the Republican National Convention. YUCK.
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Wow! I've been reading--and listening to--a LOT of great ficcies lately! 

1. Lighthearted Stories (because GOD knows I need a laugh or 50 in my day!!!!!)


Bunny 'Verse by [profile] iamstealthyone - Gen; PG-13 - These are a series of nine (so far) 100 word drabbles in which Sam and Dean have been turned into bunnies.  Jo is caring for them.  These drabbles are so so cute and funny and clever!!!  And [personal profile] bellatemple did great illustrations for them here

That Thing We Never Talk About (And I Mean Ever) by [profile] kellifer_fic - Gen; PG - Short, cute and very funny tale about Sam and Dean losing their pants. Literally.

Dark Angel

I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me
by [personal profile] mrsevilpigeon - Het (Max/Normal); R - Written for the [community profile] jam_pony_fic mini ficathon.  The prompt was Normal gets too close to Max in heat.  Short and funny! Love Normal!

2. Hurt/Comfort (because life sucks sometimes and I just want someone/something/some story to make it all better, or barring that, I want someone other than me to do the suffering.  Which probably makes me a bad person.  But whatever.)


We Say Grace, We Say Ma’am by [profile] kimonkey7 - Gen; PG-13 - Summary: It’s hard to be idealistic when you’re 19 years old. Even harder when you live in a trailer park. Almost impossible when your dad is John Winchester. Does [profile] kimonkey7 ever disappoint?  Not in my experience. Dean and whump go SO good together.

Consolation by ??? written for [profile] spn_summerlove challenge; author to be revealed soon  - Het (Sam/Jo/Dean); NC-17 - Summary: Jo lost everyone at the Roadhouse and learns to deal. So Jo is the one who is hurt and needs the comforting in this one.  A threesome with Dean and Sam is a mighty good way to get all better, in my pervy little mind.  Anyhow, this is painful, hot, and unexpectedly tender.

i'd drive all night by [personal profile] roque_clasique- Gen; unrated; WIP - Yeah, I know.  This is a work in progress.  But the story is that good!  Plus, 12 chapters are already posted and the author posts a new one ever few days.  Anyhow, this is an addictive story with amazing Dean characterization and some fairly devastating whumpage as well.  All hail [personal profile] roque_clasique

Open Your Eyes by [profile] dodger_winslow; read by [profile] issaro
- Gen; PG-13 - Great story about poor whumped up Dean and John trying to deal.  Beautifully read by [profile] issaro.  I've listened to it twice. So far. 

Dark Angel

Sound is Deep In the Dark by [personal profile] bloodnfire - Gen; Mature - Written for the
[community profile] jam_pony_fic mini ficathon for the prompt: A mission gone wrong leaves Alec wounded and Max has to face the possibility of losing him. 
Wonderful piece - harsh and vivid. Characterizations of Max and Alec are spot on.
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Oh, my friends, it has been a long long time since I have found any cat piccies that live up to the impeccable standards of my journal.  Tonight, I have found a suitable addition, however.

Also, if you are a podfic lover allow me to smash my keyboard fioeweioreuiowrekdmdsfioewenjioekdf thusly over [personal profile] dodificus's MAGNIFICENT recording (with music and sound effects!!!!) of [personal profile] hansbekhart's opus The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree.  Nearly three and a half hours of goodness, light, and porn.  In mp3 and m4b.  :-)

Oh, and I managed to watch the first eppy of The Fringe which was clever and enjoyable if not somewhat contrived and unrealistic.  I only say this last thing because whenever I see government employees running around being efficient I am instantly skeptical.  Which would have absolutely nothing to do with the years I spent as a government employee myself.  Nothing at all, I assure you. Oh, yeah, and I really like Joshua Jackson.
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OMG - I just listened to three totally cracktastic audiofics created by [personal profile] apey1013 and [personal profile] kroki_refur!!  They are radio plays based on Charles Dickens' work.  And they totally include accents and sound effects and a squeaky little Sammy voice that is PRICELESS.  Go, listen now and laugh like a hyena!  Tattered Wastrel Theatre

Also, I just committed to podfic all 17 parts of [personal profile] tabaqui's fantastic wincest the Song of the Treadmill.  Wow!  I've never attempted anything quite so epic ... I'll probably end up posting it in batches.  And last, but not least, here's another gen podfic I finished today ...

: Unthinkable
Author: [profile] glassshoe
Reader: [personal profile] twasadark
Genre: Gen
Rating: Mature
Format: mp3
Length: 42 minutes, 16 seconds
Summary: After a week of riding shotgun inside his own body, Sam needs to know that he’s the one at the wheel. This story takes place following the episode Born Under a Bad Sign.
Warnings: self-harm, angst, language
Music: Believe by The Bravery

Download at mediafire or sendspace (temporary)

Permanent links to come shortly via jinjurly's multifandom audiofic archive.  My other podfics are here.

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Okay.  So I just got back from a 10 hour drive from Arizona.  For a glorious 5 or so hours, DH and I listened to the scorchingly hot J2 podfic of Have You Seen Him Whom My Soul Loves by [personal profile] veronamay.  Full of equal parts angst, HOT sex, and lovely romance, it is an EXCELLENT story.  Even DH was impressed, which, for a straight, conservative, hard-to-impress, heterosexual guy, is saying a lot.  Or perhaps it is just that DH is also Catholic, and can relate to the soul-wrenching guilt the characters experience. Ha!  Anyhow, [personal profile] nu_breed does a beautiful job of reading the fic.  She has a wonderful accent, speaks clearly, and gives just the right amount of inflection, even during the -- ahem -- intimate parts.  The podfic is available in m4b and mp3 formats at the above link.      
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Oh my God.  I just listened to the below podfic and it blew me away.  The story is incredible.  Dark and painful, but so very Dean.  The quality of the recording isn't the best - you may have to turn the volume up really far - but [profile] laugiana's voice is pleasant, and the story will just blow you away. Do leave feedback for the author if you listen!

Title: Hell Is Empty, All The Devils Are Here.

Rating: R
Characters: Dean/OMC, Sam
Warnings: Non-con, dub-con, underaged, angst.
Spoilers: Spoilers for the second season finale, and very mild spoilers for Croatoan.


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