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I'm posting these vids as I upload them because otherwise I will never remember which is which. This one features Misha and Jim talking about Dean and Castiel and Sera Gamble giving away spoilery info on Season 5.

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2nd vid of the Comic Con Supernatural Panel. In this one, Misha talks about playing an angel and Kripke talks about the genesis of "Monster at the End of the Book" and the possibility of future meta episodes.

I don't think there are any spoilers in this vid. If you disagree, please let me know.


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OMG, I'm back from Comic Con as of about an hour ago and I am still so high from the experience! It was so great. Wild and crazy and way too crowded and already I can't wait for next year! The Supernatural panel was AWESOME, of course, although I did miss the boys. Here's the first vid I took. In it, Eric Kripke and his cute little bald head talks about the possibility that Supernatural may go more than 5 seasons, and Misha Collins and Jim Beaver talk about working with Jared and Jensen.

BTW, we happened to be walking by when the VIPs from the panel came into the hall and I was about 5 feet away from Misha. DAMN is that man gorgeous up close. Plus, he has a PANTY MELTING SMILE. GUH!!!!!

I think you can consider this vid mildly spoilery.

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So, I upped my intake of my B Complex vitamin from 1/2 a pill to 1 pill and I'm buzzing like I'm on speed. WTF?? I really don't know about my body's system sometimes.  Anyhow, I'm flailing because

#1 - SUPERNATURAL FINALE TONIGHT.  I'm sure I'll be weeping piteously at the end of it like everyone else.  But it could possibly be epic.  Right???

#2 - I'm going to Jim Beaver's booksigning in Calabasas on Sunday at 2 pm, partly because I used to work for the City and I haven't seen the new city hall yet. But the real reason for my flail?  Misha Collins answered Jim Beaver on twitter (jumblejim) by saying that he is going to try to make it on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. I'm totally getting there early and trying not to be too much of a fool about the whole thing. 


#3 - MISHA COLLINS ANSWERED MY QUESTION ON TWITTER. *hyperventilates like a maniac*  My question was, "Is that you canoeing down the LA River" and his answer was "Yes" and some other stuff.  I FEEL SPESHUL, PEOPLE.  You may also remember that he answered my interview question a while back.  That flaily post is HERE.  Damn, but I feel DOUBLE SHESHUL now!

Also, this is relevant to my interestsRead more... )


Apr. 1st, 2009 11:28 am
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Oh, [ profile] janglyjewels , you rock, baby!! She just found this vid of her question to Misha. Watch and LYAO!

Prior to this, Misha was complaining about how Castiel always gets the crap beaten out of him and how he never gets to kick butt. I agree with that and hope that Castiel will do some angelic ninja moves in the near future!


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