May. 7th, 2010 05:48 pm
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There's a very entertaining article about Supernatural here in which Jensen calls Misha a wimp.  I found the article via [ profile] ontd_spnparty  which is a hilarious comm - everyone should be following and contributing cracky manips and other forms of spazzing. 

I found the latest ep of the show to be so-so, but that won't keep me from watching it again pretty soon here ... the boys and Misha are SO VERY pretty. Yes, they are.

My sweet, innocent, beautiful, cell-phone-talking-while-she-drives-20-year-old totalled her truck last night. Thank God she's okay and so is the other driver, but I saw pics of the damage to my girl's truck and it's VERY scary.  If she weren't in another state I'd be clinging to her right now.  Anyhow, like so many of us who have crashed cars in our youth, this is a learning experience for her - a painful one.  Sigh.  What's a mom to do? 

Have I pimped out our original fiction comm here lately?  I don't believe I have!  Please check out [ profile] xcpublishing . [ profile] dysonrules prettied up the comm with a beautiful header and everything!  I'm in the process of recording a podfic of my novel Necropolis, and our novel The Gauntlet Thrown is available in regular old print for free. 

I have two new cockatiel babies that are little white fuzzballs.  They are so precious!  Hopefully they'll live ... so many of the babies die that it's quite sad. Birds are very fragile, I've discovered.
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OMG!!!!! Is this not the most gorgeous cover art in the history of all cover art EVER??????  Not that I'm excited about it or anything!!!!  [ profile] dysonrules is always stalking deviantart and fangirling artists and THIS has come out of it!  The artist is [ profile] draykonis . We're both going to injure ourselves with the wild flailing we're doing, LOL!!!  Anyhow, if you've somehow missed me going on about the book - which is being serialized for free now - then run your little old self over to our comm to friend us:  [ profile] xcpublishing 

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This is a wonderful effort that includes many fandoms - I'm going to offer to podfic a story and will probably bid on something myself. My conservative family members will have a cow. Haha.

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I'm somewhat nervous posting this because I usually post about Supernatural or podfic or bizarre cats or elephants doing rather grody things to other elephants, and not about writing.  Deep breath.  Here goes ...

*wipes sweat from brow and gets back to being just regularly insane*


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