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I've been back from vacation for days now but I am SO FREAKING JET LAGGED that it isn't even funny. It is now 4:30 am and I am up whining to you on LJ. I have a massive headache that undoubtedly came from my consumption of 4.2 pounds of dark chocolate last night. And my boy cat has decided to start yowling like a mofo at 3 am every morning. I need some sort of bizarre gif to fully express the absurdity of my life. *points to userpic*

Okay. Good stuff. I saw this vid over on [ profile] thesovereignty and I freaking love it!!! Similar music suggestions by you, my lovely flist, are met with hugs and kisses and effusive, embarrassing praise:


Samuel L. Jackson, you are the bomb.
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This is for my European flisties - what's a reliably cheap airline I could use to fly between London and Rome? I'm trying to decide whether I want to take advantage of a British Airways flight to London next spring, but I want to continue on to Rome after a few days and I want to see whether it would be cheapest just to go from LAX to Rome rather than make the stopoff in London.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm baaaaaaack from Vancouver and Victoria!  Had a WONDERFUL time and met so many great people that it is going to be hard remembering them all! 

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So, I don't know if anyone is interested in this, but there are certain things I'm pretty good at spending VERY little money on (and we won't talk about the things I'm not, LOL) so I thought I'd share a few tips and maybe you can give me yours?  I am descended from Scotsmen, after all, the notorious cheapskates of the world.  Plus a lot of you are students with NO money.  I'll start with travel and if you are interested will post later about textbooks and clothes and so on.

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Oh, man, my trip was AWESOME.  The Eastern Sierras in CA are lovely - high chaparral, very sparsely populated, wide open and empty.  My kinda place.  Being on horseback for 4 days was nowhere near as physically grueling as I expected it to be, although we were both a little sore in the pants.  LOL.  The weather was wild - snow, rain, and hail EVERY day.  But as corny as it sounds, it was more of an adventure that way.  We never did end up finding any wild mustangs - they fled the storm in the opposite direction - but we did find their tracks and manure piles and as strange as it sounds Bran and I didn't really care.  It was just so amazing to be out in that country on horseback the whole time. 

In camp, we had someone to cook and clean for us, and lend Bran his $700 high altitude jacket when she was freezing.  We found obsidian arrowheads, saw cougar tracks, a snake, and one measly little mule deer.  I don't have all my pics back yet, but here are a few behind the cut.  I didn't include one of myself because all the ones I have make me look like a scary Russian peasant woman, complete with horrid babushka.  Bran and I look a lot alike, with the caveat that I'm older, fatter, and not as pretty.  :-)

In other news, I'm off work for another week because of my health "issue", which would be great if #1 I felt better and #2 I was actually getting paid for the time off.  Oh well, such is life.  Still, I am grateful to be able to enjoy my home, various critters, and my INTERNET CONNECTION in the meantime.   And since the [community profile] amplificathon ends on Monday, I'll be able to record a few more!  Because, you know, the world can never have enough of my blatherings ...

Last but not least, clicky here for a FREE album by Empires.  It rocks.  :-)


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