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I know I'm totally spamming your flist today, but this is the last one for now. :-)  This is such a lovely, lovely story.  Please do read it even if you don't listen to podfics. 

Title: Gravity
Author: [ profile] rheanna27 
Feedback to author: Here
Cover Art: [ profile] counteragent 
Reader: [ profile] twasadark 
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Pairing: McShep, either slashy gen or gen-y slash
Length: 46:31
Summary: "This morning when I awoke / God was dead but I lived on"
Note: won by [ profile] counteragent in the [ profile] livelongnmarry fundraiser

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SGA help?

Jul. 11th, 2008 11:00 pm
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Okay, so I just watched Stargate Atlantis's 1st eppy of Season 5 and I am TOTALLY in the dark.  Cause I haven't watched all of S4 and because I'm too lazy to search the webz for answers to all these questions ... maybe someone can hep me out?  Questions under the cut since they are spoilers ...
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Vid 'tard.  As in, I really never watch them except on a lark or if they are recc'd to me or if I click on the wrong link or whatever. But despite my vidding-incompetence, I've come across some great ones that I watch over and over again!  I guess that these could all be considered gen.  I tend to go for zippy music, action, and lots of teh pretty, if you're curious about my tastes.  And feel free to rec me anything you think I'd dig.  I'm mainly only into the fandoms below, although I do dig Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles too.

Anyhow, here they be:


Okay, I have to admit that the main reason I don't watch a lot of Supernatural vids in particular is because I DON'T WANT TO CRY. So many of them are so heartbreaking that I just can't handle it.  Seeing Sammy croaking AGAIN and AGAIN makes me very emotional, dammit.  Well, this one is guaranteed to make you smile, instead.  It's just wonderful - really well made and funny and oh dear GAWD does it bring back memories of the 70's.  And yes, I am old enough to sorta kinda remember the 70's.  Channel Hopping by ash4897

Supernatural/Boondock Saints crossover

You get FOUR incredibly hot brothers in this vid, not just two!!  This vid made me want to watch Boondock Saints, which I very promptly did. Yum. And the song is amazing!  Bro-Yay! by hope

Dark Angel

Yay for [personal profile] counteragent's rec!!  This Alec vid inspired me to make up a new word.  Slobbericious.  I feel that this new word accurately describes Jensen's drool appeal, don't you?  I SO love things I can describe as kick ass, and this definitely is!  I Like the Way You Move (2nd one down on the page) by Thandie 

Stargate: Atlantis

[personal profile] sadiane TOTALLY encouraged my Ronon lust by reccing this to me.  I would give her my firstborn for that, except that, well, my firstborn is 19 years old already.  And how the hell did that happen?  Anyhow, this is John/Ronon and Ronon/John in a gen way.  Which probably doesn't make much sense, but suffice it to say that it can be viewed through slash-colored glasses or not.  Red Moon (1st vid on the page) by [personal profile] sol_se
(Update - It can also be streamed here.)
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Title: Still
Author: rageprufrock
Read by: [personal profile] twasadark
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/Dex
Rating: G
Length: 22 minutes, 8 seconds
Summary: This is a question.
Comment to the author at this story's original text posting here.  
Music: "Home" by Daughtry

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