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Mar. 15th, 2011 09:51 pm
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In an attempt to avoid the real life horrors going on in Japan (and because I am, yet again, procrastinating instead of writing), I bring you some vids from the Paley Fest - Eric Kripke and Misha Collins. Misha's is especially cute - love his awkward smile, and his WINK afterward!!



Vids of Ben Edlund and Jim Beaver are also up over thisaway:
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Just got back from the Paley Fest - had a wonderful, relaxed time hanging out with friends, seeing some gorgeous boys, and eating loads of garlicky goodness at The Stinking Rose (restaurant where they have garlic everything - including garlic ice cream).

Here, have some piccies (VERY image heavy)!Read more... )
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I'm not as love with Supernatural as I have been in previous seasons, but it's still far and away my FAVORITE show on TV. And, to be completely honest, practically my ONLY show, lol. For the most part, I'm always on the computer and my husband is watching old movies/war documentaries/science shows on the TV.

Anyhow, I just got tickets for the SPN Creation Con in Los Angeles (Feb 12 & 13). If you're going, let me know and we'll meet to squee!

Also, the friend I'm going to the LA con with is going to get tickets for us to see Supernatural at the Paley Fest as well. Yay!! Hopefully we'll see the boys and Misha there as well. And hopefully we'll be able to get the tickets that we want!  Anyone out there planning on doing the Paley Fest too?


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