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I've been back from vacation for days now but I am SO FREAKING JET LAGGED that it isn't even funny. It is now 4:30 am and I am up whining to you on LJ. I have a massive headache that undoubtedly came from my consumption of 4.2 pounds of dark chocolate last night. And my boy cat has decided to start yowling like a mofo at 3 am every morning. I need some sort of bizarre gif to fully express the absurdity of my life. *points to userpic*

Okay. Good stuff. I saw this vid over on [ profile] thesovereignty and I freaking love it!!! Similar music suggestions by you, my lovely flist, are met with hugs and kisses and effusive, embarrassing praise:


Samuel L. Jackson, you are the bomb.
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I am ridiculously in love with this video. Also, I'm avoiding writing.

Okay, back at it now ...


Jul. 9th, 2009 08:58 pm
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I was listening to the rock and alternative rock tabs on today and after about 2 hours I realized that I had not heard even one female artist yet. What the HELL?? Surely there are SOME women rockers, right????? It kinda pisses me off in general how few women make it in the arts anyhow. Writers, musicians, actors - one day we'll have some sort of equality with men, right? I mean, I like me my mens but women have so much to offer.  Are we damned to obscurity in this male-dominated world?  *shakes fist*  

Who's your favorite female musician? I'm curious. This is kinda a crappy vid and the song isn't rock nor alternative rock, but this is my favorite song by a female artist lately. I found it off of someone's fanmix. I wish I could remember whose ...

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Since I've been friended lately (yay!) and because I'm sure the rest of you just can't get enough of me (bwa ha ha!!) ... I'm on TWITTER as twasadark where I attempt to amuse you with updates from my wild and crazy life (like when I happen to catch my birds getting busy with one another.).  Our online publishing company also has a twitter account under xcpublishing.  We've been publishing a line from each chapter of our free online fantasy novel The Gauntlet Thrown here (btw, I wonder whether this is intriguing or just annoying? If you can drop me a line about that sometime I'd appreciate it.)

And just to change subjects without notice, I'm really digging Audioslave. I have three of their songs on my Zune - Gasoline, Like a Stone, and I Am the Highway, all of which I love.  Can anyone rec other Audioslave songs I might like, or maybe an album of theirs that is the better than the others?  

I'm on the last ep of S2 of Dark Angel.  I did go ahead and watch all of S1 despite my vow not to.  It got less boring after the first disc, I thought.  And there was Zack to look at.  He's not as good as Alec, but then again, who is?  And speaking of Alec, I find it very unsatisfying the way they left his character just sort of fizzle out during the series finale.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  I guess that's what fanfic is for, right?  The absolute worst episode ever has to be Boo, the Halloween episode.  It was pretty dang painful.

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It has been DAYS AND DAYS since I befouled your friends page with bizarre cat piccies.  I must make up for that right here and right now.  First, a musical treat. 

Click here for a track from the musical sensation of the DECADE.  It is possibly the most horrifically hilarious thing you'll hear all day.  It's from the below album which is for sale at if you are smitten with it. 

Read more... )
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Medium: Uh ... the real world?
Fandom: Cats, in general
Subject: Drunken cats, in particular
Title: Drunken Kitty Mix
Compiler: [personal profile] twasadark
Cover artist: [profile] smilla02 (please, go and heap praise upon her for her BRILLIANT work!!!!)
Notes: Ever feel like your life sucks?  Ever just want to get plastered and sing loudly and off-key, much to the dismay of your friends, relatives, and neighbors?  No?  Well, for God's sake, just PRETEND like you want to, okay?  This mix is designed to cheer you up, honor cats, and just be silly.  Did it succeed?  Y/Y?  This is my first fanmix. And possibly my last.

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Oh, man, my trip was AWESOME.  The Eastern Sierras in CA are lovely - high chaparral, very sparsely populated, wide open and empty.  My kinda place.  Being on horseback for 4 days was nowhere near as physically grueling as I expected it to be, although we were both a little sore in the pants.  LOL.  The weather was wild - snow, rain, and hail EVERY day.  But as corny as it sounds, it was more of an adventure that way.  We never did end up finding any wild mustangs - they fled the storm in the opposite direction - but we did find their tracks and manure piles and as strange as it sounds Bran and I didn't really care.  It was just so amazing to be out in that country on horseback the whole time. 

In camp, we had someone to cook and clean for us, and lend Bran his $700 high altitude jacket when she was freezing.  We found obsidian arrowheads, saw cougar tracks, a snake, and one measly little mule deer.  I don't have all my pics back yet, but here are a few behind the cut.  I didn't include one of myself because all the ones I have make me look like a scary Russian peasant woman, complete with horrid babushka.  Bran and I look a lot alike, with the caveat that I'm older, fatter, and not as pretty.  :-)

In other news, I'm off work for another week because of my health "issue", which would be great if #1 I felt better and #2 I was actually getting paid for the time off.  Oh well, such is life.  Still, I am grateful to be able to enjoy my home, various critters, and my INTERNET CONNECTION in the meantime.   And since the [community profile] amplificathon ends on Monday, I'll be able to record a few more!  Because, you know, the world can never have enough of my blatherings ...

Last but not least, clicky here for a FREE album by Empires.  It rocks.  :-)
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So, my latest music obsession is SICK PUPPIES.  And not in the least because I am a sick puppy myself - bwah ha ha ha.  This song reminds me of Dean sooooooooo much!!  You can listen online or dl if you want.

What are your Dean songs?  Or Sam songs?  Or Bobby songs?  :-)
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Okay, I usually DON'T post this much.  Really, I don't.  It's just that I'm off work for a couple of weeks and what could be better than sitting in front of the 'puter fiddling around? 

First, I'm so jazzed!  Ever since I got my ZUNE 80 gb, which I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in love with and would have babies with except for the fact that ... yeah, not going there--ever since I got it I have been downloading songs and podfics and listening listening listening.  I just found THIS site which has a gazillion free songs that actually aren't stolen.  Some of them are by big named artists and you can listen online or download the mp3 to your puter or  pod with a minimum of  fuss.  Weeeeeeee.

Second, I can fit in my skinny shorts.  Nuff said.

Third, my 18 year old just got an AMAZING job in Arizona, where she's been living with Gramma and going to school.  It pays $32K (great for an admin clerk, and decent money for AZ), and offers tuition reimbursement, even.  And did I mention that she's only 18????

Fourth, I wrote a 100 word fic here.  Readee readee??

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE TONIGHT.  I fully expect to be online yowling in agony the instant it is over. 
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... or something like that.  So, I'm supposed to be kicking my own butt into working on my book proposal.  Am I actually doing that?  No, I'm doing something VASTLY more important.  Blathering.  So, here goes ...

Google is my LOVE.  Why, you may ask?  Because, I've been thinking about what song to put on the podfic for my story Day of the Dead
which has a Southwestern, Hispanic feel to it, mainly because it's set in my hometown of Globe, AZ.  Globe is rather underwhelming, but it does have DAMN good Mexican food.  It also happens to have my daughter and various other family members in it. 


I remembered a song that I liked by a local band that a friend was sure would hit it big.  Well, they never did, but they did get some airplay for their song, which had a decidedly Latino sound to it.  This was back in the 90's.  Perfect song for this podfic.  One small problem.  I didn't know the name of the band nor the name of the song.  I did remember that the friend who loved them used to listen to lots of bands at a local joint called Long Wong's (torn down a few years ago). So I googled "Arizona bands 90's alternative rock Long Wong's", and I FOUND IT!!!!  Then I previewed their songs on Amazon and FOUND the song that existed only in the dim recesses of my memory.  Of course I immediately bought the mp3 album and have been playing it.  So, the point of all this?  What, you expected there to be one??  Oh, yeah:

The Internet              =            WIN

Since I actually remember a time before the personal computer and the Internet.

The band is the Pistoleros who put out a couple of albums and then changed their name.  Here's the song I'm obsessed with:  My Guardian Angel.  They sound a lot like the Gin Blossoms, which was another Arizona band, btw.

And also, I drool when I see my Cassie/Dean kissing icon.  Yes, I am one of the three fangirls who actually LIKED Cassie and Dean. 

Okay, so now I need to get back to Neolithic graveyards.  I'll blather about Ironman tomorrow, since it has provoked me to DEEP THINKING. 
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So, I'm getting ready to record my incredibly HUGE (440 words - ha!) little fic "Three Days Later", but I have no idea what song to put on it.  I'm thinking maybe something instrumental, Southwesty, sorta laid back, to meet the tone of the fic?  Or not.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have mostly angsty, angry music and that doesn't fit the sweetness of this story.  All suggestions appreciated.   


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