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Story title: A New Leaf
Story author: [personal profile] twasadark[profile]
Read by: [personal profile] twasadark[profile]
Format: mp3
Text link to original story  
Approximate length: 34 minutes, 46 seconds
Story summary: Dean decides to, well, turn over a new leaf and live the time he has left to him differently. (Set after S2; alternate S3)
Link to file

Permanent link here courtesy of jinjurly's multifandom audiofic archive

Originally posted to [profile] spn_gen_podfics
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Yes, I have really gone off the deep end ... wait, what am I talking about?  I've been off the deep end since seeing "Devil's Trap" ... Anyhow, I've started a new podfic community for Gen podfics.  Please join, watch, or post your own podfic recording if you are so inclined!

Supernatural Gen Podfics
Audio Fanfic for MP3 Players

[profile] spn_gen_podfics

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In keeping with my newfound podfic obsession, here are a couple of community recs:

[profile] motelwincest - Wincest podfics only.  There are just a few up here at present, but more to come soon.
[profile] fanfic_read_by - Issaro has a variety of podfics available - both Gen and Wincest.  She also has a sweet slow voice ;-).
Jinjurly's Multifandom Audiofic site - Bitchin' collection of fics here.

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Here's my 2nd podfic - hope you enjoy! Please comment if you download and listen - I love to hear from y'all!

Title: A Boatful of Flamingos Ain't Gonna Salve My Ego
Author: [personal profile] twasadark
Read by: [personal profile] twasadark
Text Link

Recorded time: 6 minutes 34 seconds
Download mp3 file here
Access file through a permanent link here (courtesy of [personal profile] general_jinjur's multifandom audiofic archive)

My other podfic is here
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Wow! I'm so proud of myself ... I just recorded my very first Supernatural podfic ever!  And it doesn't sound too horrible.  Hope you'll go download it right now and let me know what you think.  I'm a glutton for reviews of all kinds. ;-) 

Here are the particulars:

Title:  Out of the Bag
Author: [personal profile] twasadark
Text link
Recorded time: 2 minutes 24 seconds

Download in mp3 format

[personal profile] general_jinjur was kind enough to provide a permanent site for it here. 
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Hi all,

My ceaseless web-trolling for Supernatural podfics has yielded fruit! Here are some stories located on various sites throughout the web. I haven't had time to listen to all of these yet but figured I'd better post them before I forgot where I retrieved them from. Hope you enjoy!

Sucker’s Bet by [info]melagan   and[info]milenaa . Read by [info]milenaa (be sure to right click and save).

Sweet Talk by [info]destina . Read by [info]sathinks . RPS fic. Be sure to scroll down to access this fic.

Marking Time by [info]minim_calibre  . #9 in this zip file. Read by [info]sathinks.

The Firefly that Loved Metallica by [info]fleshflutter  . Read by: [info]dodificus. Slash.

A bunch o’ fics recorded by [info]laugiana_fanfic.

More audiofic links here. Should you know of any more fics I can add to my ever-hungry mp3 player I'd love to hear about them!

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