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Okay, folks.  I must admit to an embarrassingly HUGE addiction to podcasted Supernatural fanfic.  I squee for joy when I find some! Like, full on, squeeeeeeeeeeeing.  I would SO much rather be listening to some of the many awesome fanfics out there than the blathering of stupid radio hosts while I’m in the car, or the same blathering of radio/tv personalities while I’m sweating away on the elliptical machine at the gym.  Now I actually LOOK FORWARD to driving and going to the gym.  On the slim chance that there are other maniacs like me out there, I have compiled a list of links to those blessed souls who have recorded and offered fanfics for the enjoyment of all. 

Fanfic As Read by a Fan – several fics posted, a couple of them quite long

Supernatural Audio Novels – set up to offer the mp3 records of the kick-ass fanfic novel OF BASTARD SAINTS (now complete), this site also has some other audio novels in progress

Electronic Voice Phenomena – this site offers the wonderful EVP gen and slash fic podcasts, now 13 strong.  Most of the pieces recorded here are relatively short – I think 15 minutes is the max.  Lots to choose from in these podcasts, though. 

Supernatural Multimedia – although this site is for all kinds of multimedia – not just audio fic – the wonderful and talented chiak posts ongoing projects for several stories/audio novels here.

iSlash podcasting – most of the stuff posted here is SGA or Due South, but there are a few Supernatural fics here and there

If you have any to add to this list I would be thrilled to hear about them!

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There are so many great fics out there!  Here are a few I especially liked ....

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

The Art of Hustling by A_blackwinged_bird.  The title says it all.  Drunk Sammy and smart-ass Dean gave me a good laugh.

The ‘Talk’ by A_blackwinged_bird.  Dean gives Sam a sex talk.  But he gets some things waaaaaaaaay wrong.  Short and sweet piece.

Funny But Also So Much More

When You Put Your Arms Around Me by [info]kroki_refur  17,000 words of pure bliss.  This story is funny and sweet and smart and so many types of YUM that I just can't say enough good things about it.  Not Wincest despite the provocative title.  


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Because sometimes ya just need a break from all the drama...

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

A Cat Without Whiskers by [info]tremblings (Wincest Alert!) Dean is cursed by saying what he’s feeling when he’s feeling it and Sam is taking advantage of the situation.

Care and Feeding by [info]fools_game – Sam turns into a cat and Dean is trying to deal. 

Exposed by Phx. Very short - wonderful for a quick laugh!

Until it Sleeps by A_blackwinged_bird.  HILARIOUS story about sneaky Sam and Dean's damn hard rock music.  Takes place before Sam runs off to Stanford.


Animalia by [info]zionsstarfish. (Wincest Alert!) Dean gets wings. Lots and lots of wings.  And he’s none too happy about it.

A Fashionable Profit by [info]mad_gaters. Dean becomes a fashion model.  Yeah, baby.

Awkward by Spectral Scribe. Sam's pissed at Dean and can't get his damned brother out of his head, even while watching porn during Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.

Bedtime Story by [info]juicephine. (Wincest Alert!) Sam wants a bedtime story.  And he wants it NOW. 

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell
by BEKi of Dorvan. John, Dean, and Sammy, when the boys were adolescents. A sweet, emotional story that focuses on Dean's relationship with his dad and John's love for his sons, especially Dean.
Street Stupid by Phx. Nice, well-written piece about Dean's love for his car and Sam's efforts to keep the car safe.  Kinda a kick!

Awkward by Spectral Scribe.  Sam's pissed at Dean and can't get his damned brother out of his head, even while watching porn.  A cute, funny look at why Sam had such a serious look on his face whilst watching porn during Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.

The Hostage by Spectral Scribe.  Wanna weep over a really good story?  Then here's your answer.  3 chapters of great stuff, one poignant, beautiful ending.

Good Deeds
by A_blackwinged_bird.  Short, sweet little bit with a well-cast Dean.

Exposed by Phx. Very short - wonderful for a quick laugh!

The Offer
by Phx. Sam and a cougar, but not the kind you think. Provocative and fun!

History of Violence by A_blackwinged_bird. SPOILERS for Playthings, WARNING for graphic death of an animal. Dean's reflections on the promise he made Sammy to kill him if he has to.  Touching short story.

Helping Hands by A_blackwinged_bird.  Want some brotherly bickering and Sam whumping all wrapped up in a well-written short story?  Well, this is made to order, then.  Enjoy!

Until it Sleeps by A_blackwinged_bird.  HILARIOUS story about sneaky Sam and Dean's damn hard rock music.  Takes place before Sam runs off to Stanford.

Methods of Survival by Spectral Scribe.  Really well-written story that is very different. Dean through the eyes of an outcast high school student. Ah, Dean .... Yum!!

Forgive Me by Ridley C. James. Sam's an ornery, bitchy teenager; John is trying to deal with him; Dean's trying to ignore them both and there's a serial killer doing some major Dean whumpage. 

Writhe by Thru Terry's Eyes.  Part of's Virtual Season.  A really nice piece about Dean going on a date while battling the flu.  Sweet and funny and touching.  Nicely written and just the right length.

Money's Worth by whereupon.
The boys are grieving over dad, Dean's getting whumped, Sam's worried.  I love the genuine warmth portrayed in this story.  Just an overall great read and a lovely writing style - spare and lovely and smart. There's so much unsaid, and that's beautiful. 

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All My Words Come Back to Me by luzdeestrellas (gen)  A raw, sweet, sad Christmas time story by a wonderful writer.

The Sudden Stop, by luzdeestrellas (Sam/Dean) PG rating. What a lovely story - the imagery is so lyrical and beautiful, a perfect contrast to the harsh reality of demon hunting and death and blood. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

 Dealing with Life (the Winchester way) by clex-monkie89 G rating.  Tidbits of life as the boys deal with the grief of loosing their dad.  Beautiful, vivid, and wonderfully evocative tidbits.  Ya gotta read it – it’s only 728 words! 

The Atheist Christmas Carol by victoria p. Christmas and the boys.  Sweet and satisfying and warm, just like Christmas should be.

Untitled by stele3.  PG. Dean dies for a third time, and Sam brings him back. Dean is less than happy about it. A different kind of story – well-written and unique, it builds to an emotionally satisfying, warm and loving conclusion.  Not too emo or OOT or filled with unnecessary angsty agony. I liked the sweetness of the story, and the devotion between the brothers.



Some Answer to This Fire by luzdeestrellas  Wincest R rating. 2000 words of bliss. What a great story!! Just lovely and poignant and hot and beautifully written.

No Sudden Movements
by whereupon.  PG-13, shades of Wincest.  What a lovely piece. So poignant and filled with emotion: fear and lust and love. Great writing style, wonderful atmosphere, and so much beauty. Set sometime after Salvation. 

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X writes: Okay, so I've been spending every free moment obsessively reading every single Supernatural Fan Fic I can get my grubby little paws on. Obsessed? I suppose you could say that!! All this reading has given me blurry eyes, reams of printer paper scattered all over the place, and mounds of laundry and dirty dishes that didn't get done. Priorities, ya know. I've found some real jewels, though, and wanted to share them with y'all. Here goes:


Cry in the Night by Thru Terry's Eyes - A simply fanDAMNtastic tale of Sam and Dean kicking butt, taking names, tripping and falling on rocks, and nearly croaking. Some great Dean-whumping and Sam-worrying and -- best of all -- actual PLOT!!  Just wonderfully written, too.  Vivid and heartfelt and well worth the read. 

by abrupte - Pot smoking and brotherly love.  This little piece stayed with me for a long time!  Intimate and sweet and a dead-on characterization of Dean.  Such a great writer!

"Don't Cry, You Can't Kill the Dead"
by abrupte. - A Dean/Jess pairing that is just HOT, HOT, HOT!  Kinda cracky, but just beautifully done.  Sparse and spare and impactful. 

My Brother, My Killer
by slcross - NC-17 Winchest alert!  Sam/Dean.  I admit it, I thought Winchest was really really gross until I read pieces like this.  Now I'm hooked.  This piece is scorching hot, but soulful and really well-written.  Aw, com'on - walk on the wild side a bit and give it a shot!

More coming tamale!


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