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Jun. 29th, 2010 10:09 pm
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My favorite time of year is fast approaching. COMIC CON!!!!! I'm getting all shivery just thinking about it.  Is anyone out there in flisty-land going?

Sorry I've been so absent lately. Good things are happening in my life, though. I've been getting more freelance assignments lately and moola is always good news, right?  Also, with [ profile] calamitycrow 's encouragement, I turned chapter 2 of my graveyard book into my (keeping fingers crossed) publisher's so hopefully I'll have a contract soon.   
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A couple more things I forgot to post about.  I attended the panel for Spartacus, Blood and Sand, which looks really good. *flails about*  My love for ancient history is coming through.  Plus the creator promises full frontal nudity for men (and women, which isn't nearly as enticing for me, lol).  Anyhow, here's the trailer:

And lookie loo at the key card for our hotel room:

And here's the rather long preview from AMC's The Prisoner, a remake of a 1960's TV show that I've never seen. I love Jim Caviezal - he's so soft spoken and gentle-seeming in real life - but I'm not entirely sure whether I'll like it yet.  I'll likely give it a shot: I can't embed the trailer, but it's HERE.

Now I suppose I should get back to cleaning the house.  Sigh.  And I have 3 days to finish my [ profile] spn_summergen . ARGH.  Somebody inspire me?? 

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In an effort to convince all of you to come to Comic Con next year, here have some piccies.  Most decidedly NOT dial-up friendly.

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So, [ profile] alethialia is always going on about what a hotass Alexander Skaarsgard is, especially as Eric in True Blood. Turns out she's right. We had great seats for the True Blood panel, and here's a short vid I shot for her.

Here's my favorite male on the show, Sam:

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Okay, in this one Eric Kripkey answers a question about the Season 4 finale and he and Sera Gamble go on to discuss the relationship between the boys and the tone of Season 5. Sorry about the way this one was filmed. The zoom wouldn't work once I'd already started filming, dang it.

Oh, yeah. Mild spoilers, I think.

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Here is some talk about Season 5 - SPOILERY. Features Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund. I'm really feeling the 5:30 am wake up call now so this will be the last thing I upload tonight ...

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I'm posting these vids as I upload them because otherwise I will never remember which is which. This one features Misha and Jim talking about Dean and Castiel and Sera Gamble giving away spoilery info on Season 5.

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2nd vid of the Comic Con Supernatural Panel. In this one, Misha talks about playing an angel and Kripke talks about the genesis of "Monster at the End of the Book" and the possibility of future meta episodes.

I don't think there are any spoilers in this vid. If you disagree, please let me know.


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OMG, I'm back from Comic Con as of about an hour ago and I am still so high from the experience! It was so great. Wild and crazy and way too crowded and already I can't wait for next year! The Supernatural panel was AWESOME, of course, although I did miss the boys. Here's the first vid I took. In it, Eric Kripke and his cute little bald head talks about the possibility that Supernatural may go more than 5 seasons, and Misha Collins and Jim Beaver talk about working with Jared and Jensen.

BTW, we happened to be walking by when the VIPs from the panel came into the hall and I was about 5 feet away from Misha. DAMN is that man gorgeous up close. Plus, he has a PANTY MELTING SMILE. GUH!!!!!

I think you can consider this vid mildly spoilery.


Mar. 14th, 2009 01:09 pm
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I haven't been around on LJ as much the past couple of weeks.  I'm working on writing more and screwing around less, which is quite the trauma, let me tell you!  Let's see if I can recap a few things before I devolve into animal squee.  I don't think this stuff is spoilery since it's so vague, but just in case beware if you haven't seen Watchmen or the latest Supernatural:
  • Does anyone know why when I convert WAV vids to MP4 the sound quality sucks?  Anyone have a quick fix for this?
  • Saw Watchmen and was kinda blah about it.  The message of the movie is so dark - and that's even though it was a lot lighter in tone than the graphic novel.  Anyhow, I didn't really care for either although I loved the special effects and JDM and OMG that reminds me of this awesome vid I saw of him and his dog.  I was never really in love with him before seeing it.  Now I am smitten and want his babies. 
  • Supernatural - Sam you bastard you.  Dean wah wah wah.  Sam and Dean - I despair for you.  Loved the ep but it increased my fear for what is to come. 
  • COMIC CON!!!! I'm going - got my tickets and will be getting my hotel room this week.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So, "Fringe" was big news at ComicCon, but we never did get in to see the trailer. Yay for YouTube!! It looks pretty cool. And I dig Joshua Jackson. Although they TOTALLY should have picked a hottie like Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the dad. IMHO. :-)

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I am apparently insane. 

First off, I am unreasonably excited that I saw a baby coyote on my hike last night!  OMG!!  So so cute!! 

Secondly, I WON THE [community profile] amplificathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got this nifty banner and someone will record podfic for me!  Woo hooo!!!!!!  But here's the REALLY crazy part.  I tallied up all the podfics I recorded during the 8 weeks of the challenge and the total came to 62.  SIXTY-TWO.  What am I, a maniac???????  Apparently so.  Anyhow, if you care to see a list of them, they are here.  I have now done podfics for 7 fandoms - but overwhelmingly Supernatural, of course - and my site now is now divided into Supernatural Gen, Het, Slash and Wincest podfics.  God help me, but I'll never go hungry without podfic again!

Also, I heard the barest hint of a rumor that Supernatural will have a "presence" at ComicCon this year!!!  OMFG!!!  This makes me so so so so insanely happy!!!

Yes, I really abused exclamation points in this post. 
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So, even tho we spend our entire workday IM'ing each other; even tho we've written several scripts together AND run a frickin' company together, [personal profile] dysonrules and I haven't seen each other face-to-face in TEN FREAKING YEARS.  But this year is the year!!!  She's coming down to LA for ComicCon!!! Yay!!!!  I'm a wee bit excited.

I'm also really hoping that the Supernatural boys will be there like last year!!!  Because .... GUH.  Either way, I'll probably buy my membership this weekend and book a hotel room.

Anyone else thinking of going?  I met a lot of great LJ'rs last year - would love to meet some more this year!


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