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Do I have any Medievalists on my flist?  I need to ask some very dumb questions regarding basic Medieval literature for a book project I'm working on. 

Also, my turtle appeared again today!  I haven't seen her for a good 3 months and I was beginning to fear that she had managed to crawl out of her fenced in pond area and was killed by one of my dogs, so I'm happy that this is not the case! 


Dec. 4th, 2009 08:18 pm
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I done good!!

Also, for no particular reason:

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Awwww! This is possibly the cutest thing EVAR:


Sep. 25th, 2009 02:02 pm
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In the midst of the hysteria following ep 5.3 of Supernatural, I thought I would mention this while I'm thinking about it.  If you happen to have a used cell phone laying around and are wondering what to do with it, I'd like to suggest you donate it to a worthy charity in my neck of the woods called Concerned People for Animals.  They work tirelessly to fix and foster many animals, especially cats, and it's where we got two of our cats from.  The efforts of this organization and others like it have reduced the kill rate at our local animal shelters by something like 80% over the last 10 years.  That makes me feel good. :-)

Anyhow, if you're interested, here's the address for sending your used cellphone to:

PO Box 632
Somis, CA  93066

ETA: No, the animals don't USE the cell phones themselves, people.  At least, I don't THINK they do. HAHAHAHA!! Anyhow, I think the charity sells them to an organization that uses parts from them.  

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So I feel like CRAP today due to RL. And there's outrage on LJ which immediately makes me want to go to a happy place.  Am posting these to give someone else a smile ...Read more... )

You know, just posting these made me feel a little better. :-)  Hey, can I impose upon someone to make me an icon of this:
I don't even need any words on it, although, "Huh?" would probably be a good addition.
OMG [ profile] tahirire rocks!! LOOKIE

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*wipes tear away* Yes, I suppose I am a sap. I've got issues with my mom, but this makes me want to call her. She's getting old, and I'm pretty lucky that she's still around.


Jan. 12th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Lookie Loo at my gorgeous new header!! Made by [ profile] aesc . Does it take too long to load? It seemed to take a long time for me, but maybe my connection was wonky?

I'm dragging hubby to the Thursday 10 pm premiere of My Bloody Valentine in revenge for having to accompany him to Alien vs. Predator and Jason vs. Freddie. He totally wanted to see those movies because they were, in the words of an esteemed but sadly anonymous movie critic, "boobalicious." I also went willingly, if not enthusiastically, to The Clone Wars, which should earn me some sort of marital award, because that movie was BAD. See why he can't complain about my Supernatural obsession? :-)

If you are an animal lover (and not in the bbq'd way, [ profile] dysonrules !), you have too look at these vids. They'll make you go AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!

Read more... )

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Happy meme stuff.

Okay, the day's not even half over, but this made me LMAO. I'm not putting it under a cut because I'm offensive like that.


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Saw this vid over on [ profile] irreparable's page. If you're an animal lover in any way, shape, or form, this will make you smile. And possibly cry.

Their home page:
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Okay, I promise, my new friends! I really do post things OTHER than bizarre animal piccies!!! I really do .... But this was just too good to pass up.

I know from playing on my uncle's farm as a kid (see the pun!!!! bwahahaha) that goats are pretty adept climbers. They were always getting on top of the sheds.

These are hungry Moroccan goats looking for yummies atop trees. Here's the article.

And a one minute vid on YouTube:

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Welcome to my new friends from a couple of recent memes!!!!!  I LOVE all my friends!!!!  I read my flist daily and although I don't comment to every listing all the time, I'm definitely out here thinking good thoughts towards you.  :-)  I have a cracky sense of humor that I like to inflict on people quite frequently.  Toward that end ....

Look at these pictures closely ... see what the sheep are made of?  The creativity of people is amazing to me!

ETA - my lj cut links don't seem to be working! Drat!  You'll have to scroll down to see these photographic masterpieces ...

I've been accumulating cat piccies as well, because, well, I seem to have a real mania for crazy kitties ...

LOLcats, you own my soul.

This cracked me the hell up ...

As did this one.  What does that say about me?  I'm not sure I want to know ...

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I am apparently insane. 

First off, I am unreasonably excited that I saw a baby coyote on my hike last night!  OMG!!  So so cute!! 

Secondly, I WON THE [community profile] amplificathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got this nifty banner and someone will record podfic for me!  Woo hooo!!!!!!  But here's the REALLY crazy part.  I tallied up all the podfics I recorded during the 8 weeks of the challenge and the total came to 62.  SIXTY-TWO.  What am I, a maniac???????  Apparently so.  Anyhow, if you care to see a list of them, they are here.  I have now done podfics for 7 fandoms - but overwhelmingly Supernatural, of course - and my site now is now divided into Supernatural Gen, Het, Slash and Wincest podfics.  God help me, but I'll never go hungry without podfic again!

Also, I heard the barest hint of a rumor that Supernatural will have a "presence" at ComicCon this year!!!  OMFG!!!  This makes me so so so so insanely happy!!!

Yes, I really abused exclamation points in this post. 


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