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amplificathon 09 participant!
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So I guess I'm not giving up podficcing after all.  LOL.  Well, at least for today.

Title: Get by with a Little Help 
Author & Reader: [ profile] twasadark 
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Rating: R 
Format: mp3
Length: 5 minutes 26 seconds

Links (temporary) -

Mediafire Sendspace

Permanent link to follow shortly courtesy of jinjurly's multifandom audiofic archive

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The [ profile] amplificathon is an annual podfic challenge designed to promote the diversity of podfic across fandoms and pairings, and to give us all more to choose from as listeners.

The 2009 [ profile] amplificathon will begin March 30, and run through June 1.

the amplificathon is back! \o/ march 30 through june 1
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Dare I boast about ANOTHER award I got from the [community profile] amplificathon?????  It involves a cute kitty (under the cut) so I guess I will.  :-)

Meow ... )

I'm going to make a gen fic rec post here soon ... maybe tonight?  Anyhow, in the spirit of tormenting [profile] krisd81 in the absence of downloading access while she's running around Europe here is one of the FUNNIEST Sam/Dean fics EVAR. [profile] twilight_angel recorded it as a prize for me. Yay!!!

title: under hill
author: [personal profile] astolat
read by: [profile] twilight_angel
pairing: Sam/Dean
click to download (72.8 MB)
running time - 1:03:38

Today has involved much whining and yowling on my part.  Also some headaches and work-related aggravation.  This podfic makes it ALL better.  Oh, yeah, and the fact that I got 51 points on a Scrabble word while only using 2 letters.  We'll just forget the fact that [profile] leeds11 totally creamed my butt in another game by getting 164 points on TWO FRICKIN WORDS.
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Awwwww!!!  Lookie loo at what the great people over at the [community profile] amplificathon did for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then they made me THIS!!!  Which includes ALL of the million and a half -- well, 62 -- podfics I made during the competition!!!  The tracks and dl info are below as well.

Yay!!! Now I can listen to all my favorites in ONE place.  I feel SPESHUL!


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